Dear Readers,

It is an unfortunate event that you are reading this; however I can no longer withhold this information from you. All I state herein is purely factual information that I have experienced as a staff member at Blacklisted!411 Magazine.

I ask you to read all I state carefully and make your own determination. There are many reprecusisons to follow, be prepared for the worst. Your support is wholly appreciated.

Thank you,
Israel Torres
Sunday May 14th 2006
My name is Israel Torres. At the time of this writing I am still considered to be a staff writer for Blacklisted!411 Magazine and Administrator for the Blacklisted!411 Forums. It is likely that this will change after this information becomes public.

After many email conversations with Zachary Blackstone (Zach). January 5th 2006 I was invited by Zachary Blackstone to become an official staff member for Blacklisted!411 Magazine. I was also explained this was a paid position. At the time of this invitation I was more than excited as this was certainly something I have always dreamed of doing.

To expedite my declaration today is May 14th 2006, 5 months since I have provided articles and work for Blacklisted!411 Magazine through printed articles, online articles, mini-articles, forum administration, subscriber and reader support to name a few. I have also done work for future projects including up and coming conferences. I have been there for Blacklisted!411 and Zachary Blackstone. Unfortunately even with my greatest patience, my sword and shield, and all that I had devoted to Blacklisted!411 and Zachary Blackstone I have received nothing in return. For 5 months I have received nothing but broken promises followed by excuse after excuse to fulfill promised payment for my time as an official staff member of Blacklisted!411 Magazine.

It is May 14th 2006 I have yet to receive a dime from Blacklisted!411 or Zachary Blackstone for all my work. I have not been paid for my work, and I have worked hard.

Israel Torres
Sunday May 14th, 2006
More to come...